We do a lot of work behind the scenes in due diligence and setting up your account so we can transfer your commission advance in the quickest possible time and for this we ask for a small percentage discount on the commission we advance you

Remember commission in your hand now can be much better than waiting 30, 40, 60 or 90 days for it especially when it allows you to pay bills,  focus on sales and remove financial stress.

The way we discount your commission is explained below:

Commission Advance: Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents – As the Sales Agent you will have a received a contract of sale and a deposit for the to secure the property and as a standard once the contract goes unconditional you may have to wait 42 day to receive your commission to get paid on the hard work you have already completed. For a small amount of effort in setting up an account and a small discount to your commission you can get paid up to 100% of Commissions Invoice(s) due and with in hours.  An example of the commission discount is as follows and is the most competitive in the industry.

  • Commission Discount 4.5% for 28 days (ex GST)
  • 0.15% per day thereafter (ex GST) up to 90 days

Example:  $10,000 Commission Invoice due in 30 days from the time we advance you 100% of the Commission less the Commission discount, below is an example of how this is calculated.

  • $10,000 x 4.5% = $450.00 (for 28 days)
  • ($10,000 x 0.15%) x 2 = $30.00 (for 2 days)
  • Your commission is discounted by $480.00 and we transfer to you $9,520.00. The days are calculated form the day we transfer you the commission advance to the settlement date on the contract. When the settlement occurs and the commission advance is re-paid we will invoice you, if any,  any further discounts (an additional 0.15% per day for each day over the 30 days ). Its a win win for all.

All calculations are excluding GST.


  • A fast simple solution to a cash flow problem.
  • No establishment, credit check or facility fees.
  • No Bricks & Mortar Security and lengthy bank documents.
  • Fast Commission Advances relieving stress and keeping you focused.
  • A low cost solution that you only use when you need it.
  • Security and comfort in knowing you have a cash flow solution when you need it.
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